My Year In Review

January 2, 2016

Looking back to one year ago January 2nd, 2015, I made a big goal or “resolution” per se. I promised myself I was going to find a new past-time since I was losing one of the things I loved the most: horse showing. It was really tough to accept the fact that I could no longer pursue that passion of mine because of a slue of reasons, mostly financial, but I came to accept that this was part of growing up and I wasn’t going to sulk about it for the rest of my life. So I moved on. Luckily, I found that trying to live a healthier lifestyle would fill some of the void horse showing left in my life.

January of 2015, I began to run. January started something like this: Day 1, run 1 mile (this was a lot for me back then). Day 2, repeat. Day 3, run 1.5 miles. Day 4, repeat. Day 5, 2 miles and so on and so on. I felt freaking incredible! I continued to run and run and run for months. Until eventually I was running 10+ miles a week outside, biking 15 miles a day, and burning thousands of calories. The best part? I could eat A LOT of food! I tracked my calorie intake and macro nutrients for four months and lost a mere 15 pounds. I felt so healthy internally, externally, and everywhere in between. I went from couch potato to running 10k’s and eventually 10-mile races.

Here’s where my train derailed.. I accomplished something amazing in October, I ran a 10-mile race with 9 minute splits. Holy Shit! Not a huge accomplishment for die-hard runners, but this was something I could brag about. Although as soon as I finished the race I went back to my old ways and started pigging out again. Here we are, two months later, and I’m finally coming to terms that it’s time to start running again. MostlyRunningBoard because I think I’ve gained 10 pounds from Christmas eating, but also I am signed up for a half-marathon in April which is just four short months away.

My takeaway from all of this? It is great to set goals and even better to achieve those goals. However, anything diet or fitness related is nearly impossible to keep up forever and that’s OKAY! We are all human after all. I tried to go on a paleo diet when I was tracking my macros and I couldn’t do it for more than a week. How can a watch my friends eat pizza and have enough self control to not eat my favorite food? NOT GONNA HAPPEN! We are all different here. Some people can diet and do cross fit all year, others (like myself) have an obsession with food and can’t keep up. The important thing is that we all try to be our best selves everyday and don’t take life too seriously!

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