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October 12, 2016

I’m totally digging this perfect Fall weather right now in Minnesota, but I’m even more in love with my eyeglass collection I’ve started recently. I need glasses and hate contacts so I began to try out different glasses from places like Ray Ban, Warby Parker, and Glasses USA. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say that all of my glasses trials were free and I tried on a lot of glasses in-store and there is something about LensCrafters glasses and their store that seems so… stuffy.

I think I first heard about EyeBuyDirect from an ad on Facebook. I actually pay attention to these ads to see which companies are targeting me. EyeBuyDirect was having a sale for buy one get one free. So I said, “hell yes I’m in”.

My first two pairs I purchased were the Aura and Aurora frames. Two frames for $70? Heck yes. Plus I have a simple prescription so I didn’t have to pay any extra fees.


Two months later, I decide to go back for more because two pairs of glasses just aren’t enough. This time, I went crazy and had my eye on the Nostalgia frames because they would match my hair. Best decision ever! These have quickly become my new favorite pair. I was feeling so bold that I decided to get my first pair of prescription sunglasses because they are so inexpensive. I love my Silicate sunglasses because they are fashionable and make me feel cool. It was a big risk for me to opt for the blue reflective lenses, but I am so glad I did.

As you can tell from all my frames, I love a nice round frame with a slight horn. I just think it suits my face shape the best. One of the coolest parts about online shopping for glasses is that you can actually try them on by uploading a photo – I promise it is actually realistic and helpful!

Be sure to check out EyeBuyDirect next time you need fresh new frames and use the code: IFGQZE9JQ2 for $10 off!



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