Who Are We?

In August of 2014 I did something that changed my life, something that has positively impacted my life in countless ways. I adopted Benny. Benny was a rescued dog from the Oklahoma Central Humane Society and the most joyful dog I had ever met. Even though he was neglected and surrendered, Benny was filled with more personality, spunk, and love than I could have ever hoped for in an animal. I am here to share the adventures and joys of our lives and hopefully bring as much happiness to others as Benny has brought to me.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to positively influence you, make you smile, and hopefully encourage you to adopt from within shelters, pet rescue organizations, and foster animals in attempt to put an end to puppy mills and pet store breeding. If one small rescue pup was able to change my world, I know rescuing can do the same for you. For those who have rescued pets in the past, I want to hear your stories too! Send your stories to: taylorandbenny@gmail.com

What do we do?

Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and blogging- We’ve got you covered! Follow us to see all of the fun stuff we do!

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