How I Stay Organized: Inside My Planner

April 18, 2016

I am a very forgetful person. Names, faces, memories I can remember just fine, but when it come to being somewhere and my daily schedule I am completely lost. I consider myself to be fairly busy so I don’t have much guilt about my bad memory, after all I do try my best to stay organized. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help. I recently ordered the Erin Condren Life Planner in the geodes pattern. So far, I’m loving my new planner and the stickers that came with it.

First thing I did before ordering this planner was found the color and style that I wanted. I’ve been looking for a vertically oriented planner for awhile now, and this one takes the cake. I also had the option of customizing the front of my planner with my name (for free I should add) and obviously couldn’t say no. So, I went simple and added my initials to the cover.

Planner1I bought this cutie a couple of weeks ago and they are actually on sale right now! You can get this exact planner here for only $25!

Here is a look inside my week. With the vertical layout I can map out my morning, afternoon and evening. I don’t put everything in my planner as I keep a separate planner for work and I utilize my iPhone for reminders too. I do however use this planner for school, my internship and other plans. I got these helpful little stickers for free with the planner to mark when I plan to lift weights and I use the photo stickers for when I have a photo due for my photography class. To brighten up my week and to make my planner all-around cuter I use these stickers that mark when I have something due or an important event during that week. As a bonus they really liven up the page and I honestly have a lot of fun decorating each week. I also find that the more time I spend planning out my week, the more I remember- win win!


This planner has more to it than just weeks and months, it also has a pockets, customizable stickers for birthdays and such and a notebook that allows you to write one positive thing that happened to you each day. I used to write three things I am thankful for in my phone every night and this little book is essentially the same thing and having it in my planner helps me remember to write in it every day. You can also see this is where I keep my stickers and my pens that I use for my planner.


And finally, I use the monthly section to write big events that I have going on. (Shoutout to Carly if you’re reading this your birthday is in eleven days!) I like to write my work events here so it doesn’t clutter my weekly planner. I also use my stickers here to show when my paydays are as well!

IMG_1414 copyIf you want your own Erin Condren planner, click here and create an account to save $10 on your next order! Plus, all planners are on sale right now so they are as inexpensive as ever. I’d love to see how you organize you planners so feel free to send me some pictures. If you liked this post and want to see more organizational tips from me let me know! I’d be more than happy to share more of my organizational strategies.

Thanks so much for reading! ♥

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