Undiscovered Places

October 15, 2015

If you live in Minnesota you know that Autumn entails apple orchards, hayrides, cozy sweaters, and hot apple cider. Simply put, fall is the best in Minnesota. Perhaps you have your own fall traditions that you look forward to every year, however that is not the case for me. Last weekend I wanted to go to a new apple orchard near my house and I had heard of one that had great reviews and a lot of visitors every weekend. So, we checked it out.

Thirty minutes after opening, the parking lot was over-flowing and hundreds of cars were trying to park. I thought, “Wow this place must be great!” I leashed Benny up (yes he comes everywhere with me) and my boyfriend and I made our way down the dirt path towards the orchard. Having been there for not even one minute, the owner of the orchard charged up to me and told me, “You know we don’t allow dogs, there are signs everywhere that say so.” I looked around, no signs. So we left.

Time to take our business elsewhere. Thank god for google and GPS, we found a farm twenty minutes closer to home and a true diamond in the rough, family-owned orchard. The farm was hidden, un-marked, and about one-tenth the size of the original orchard. We walked inside the store to be greeted by a mother and her daughter cutting up apple for us to try and giving us directions to the best apple-picking trees. The best part: they are pet friendly!

Mitch, my boyfriend, Benny and I strolled down the rows of apple trees while we laughed and took pictures of Benny. During the hour we spent there, we only saw two other people while picking apples. It was such an amazing day and I learned that beautiful things can be found in unknown places. This family-owned farm was not only a more enjoyable experience, but their taste and prices are hard to beat. If you are ever in Buffalo, Minnesota I urge you to stop by Wood’s Edge.

More importantly, remember that great things can be found in undiscovered places. You just have to look for them.


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    Wonderful story. We feel your pain, when you plan an event only to find out your best friend (pet) is not welcomed!

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